This morning 4 couples were “in the door” by 8:05, (but at least I had a chance to try & talk with them before the guard got to them); as I walked up there was a couple (early 30s) in their SUV right out front, with the guard telling them “we are open now”.
I was able to get my material out & tried to engage but they wouldn’t look at me, refused material and hastily went in.
A 2nd couple (early 30s) arrived & parked across the street. They too refused material and hastily went in
A 3rd couple arrived (late 20s) and parked up the street. They refused materials, and the young lady was very rude.
The 4th couple (late 20s) parked up the street & walked down to go into PP. They were a little more friendly, listened for a minute, but said they were “not here for that.” The husband took all the material but they didn’t stay around to talk and proceeded in.
The remaining couples mostly drove in, as the guard walked to the back door to let them in.
One couple (two young women early 20s) parked on the street. I was able to talk to them as they got out since the guard was busy elsewhere. The driver took material, and it seemed as though she was open to listening, appearing to be “assisting” her passenger friend. They both went in.
About 30 minutes later the passenger was outside on her phone. Then shortly thereafter the driver came out upset and they both went back to their car on the street. I was able to ask the driver if she had a chance to look over the material, and that there were Pregnancy Resource Center close by that can help you etc.
She asked if they do abortions there & I said no, but they’ll be there to help/support you in many ways etc. She said well that’s what we want, and yelled back “don’t put your values on me” and stormed off. She walked up the street a few car lengths & was on her phone for about another 20 minutes, then returned to her car while the passenger waited inside. I tried to talk to her one more time as she was hurriedly getting into her car, but she was too upset. They then drove off.
Several escorts were observed coming out and some going back in but none of them wanted to talk.

I observed the first two couples of the day exiting around 10:30 with their escort carrying the blue barf bag, some paperwork in hand and looking very, very bad.
I tried to offer some post-abortion info to their escorts, but they both refused.
Most of the singles today drove in and were let in the back door by the guard.
However, one young Hispanic lady (late 20’s) on foot did stop for a short chat going in & then again when she left but wouldn’t say why she was there. I observed she didn’t have any paperwork and subsequently did get her to take some material & encouraged her to call one of the pregnancy centers vs. just taking whatever PP told her. She seemed to resonate with that, but not sure she’ll follow through.

From Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, San Diego

“How senseless is everything that can ever be written, done, or thought, when such things are possible.” – All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque