November 10
Routine morning, Goatee guard on duty, valet, usual worker bee activities, “Park in Rear” sign deployed, deliveries,.. etc
Minimal interaction with those going in this morning, those that took material just didn’t want to talk.
Of the 4 couples arriving on 2nd shift, –> (3 were escorted into PP through the backdoor by Mr Goatee guard. So I reminded Mr Goatee as I left this morning to have a nice weekend but to remember Hebrews 9:27 & that he needed to repent & be “born again”. He just said the usual, “don’t talk to me about religion” etc…)
Around 11:00, 2 couples exited with their male escorts, both women were in pain holding their stomach as they left the front door.
I was able to give one couple a post-abortion card & Bible tract to the male advising him he’s “probably going to need this”
A single woman then came out with a nurse, …same situation.
I handed her the same thing & she took it and also said thanks, you handed me all that material yesterday..;-(

November 17
Routine, morning with Goatee guard, valet & usual deliveries etc.. 2nd floor balcony “Parking in Rear” banner deployed ~ 9:30
Of the 3 couples arriving on 2nd shift & parking in the back, Mr Goatee guard walked to the rear entrance as they parked & let them in, ,…….so no opportunity to engage…:-(
One couple (mid 20’s) from yesterday was there when I arrived. The male was parked in the car on the street waiting for his girlfriend to come out. (Pam had tried to give him material earlier, but he had rejected it). I had given him all the material yesterday & he said his girlfriend wasn’t there for an abortion, just a “check-up”. I tried to chat with him again, but he started getting upset with the usual stuff about how they were “not there for an abortion”, so don’t bother me,…….why don’t stop harassing women etc…So I had to just leave him to himself as he smoked away on his “weed”….(which he had done yesterday as well).
Of the singles that arrived,….. none wanted materials or to chat.

“We are little flames poorly sheltered by frail walls against the storm of dissolution and madness, in which we flicker and sometimes almost go out.”
All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque