Thurs., Nov. 2
Spoke to one couple (~mid 30’s) right after noon exiting PP.
The husband was nice, but in a hurry to get her into their car, he refused material, but she did take some handouts. I told her quickly why we were here & she said that was good. She looked pregnant so I asked “how far along are you” and I thought I heard her say, “5 weeks”, (but to me she looked more like 5 months, but I’m a guy, what do I know?). Anyway, I said, “so, are you keeping your baby?”. Yes, she said, we have a daughter at home & now we are having a boy.
I congratulated them as she got in their car and said “God has blessed you”. That’s about all I could get in before they drove off….
Another man (early 40’s?), with a 5 yr old boy was observed coming in & out to his van several times. He finally drove out front as his wife exited PP looking like she had been punched in the stomach. I offered a post abortion card but she refused, hurriedly got in, & left.
Had a nice chat with a guy walking by that I offered a tract to. He was a Christian & gave the tract back saying to “save it for another who needs it”‘ as he was “saved.” He said he had observed many times folks out front here praying etc…and fully believed in what we were doing etc.
One more observation:
An older lady (50’s) pulled up & parked right out front in an older Honda Odyssey van.
After about 10 mins out front texting, she came out heading toward PP. She had an ID/company badge hanging around her neck but I couldn’t see it as the wind was blowing it all over the place. She asked how long I’d been out there & if I had seen a young girl with a black sweater waiting outside. I said I was there since ~ 11:00 and hadn’t seen anyone like that out front.
So she went in and came out ~ 10 min later looking confused. I asked if I could help, and if she was an “uber”? She said “I can’t tell you that” & got back into her van & started texting.
Since it wasn’t busy (& her passenger window was ~1/2 open), I went over & told her why we are here & we were only trying to help sway women in trouble or others to not go in to have an abortion etc….and handed her some materials about PRC’s which she took & looked over.
She finally said, I don’t like this either, but I am with an “addiction recovery organization” and we had this young lady that emphatically insisted on having an abortion.
All I could do is advise her to look over all the material & be aware that all these PRC’s are out there & are willing to assist young ladies in these kinds of situations and to please consider going this route rather than going to PP next time. She thanked me & after a few minutes drove off.

Not much else to report this morning (Fri., Nov. 3):
Two Hispanic males (mid-30’s) were observed in/out of PP during the a.m..
We finally had a chance to address them and were able to share all our Spanish materials with them as they spoke very little English.
We got across what PP was all about & they were very concerned as they had brought “a friend” there but really didn’t know why.
Anyway, long story short, their “friend” finally came back out later in the morning & I had a chance to speak to her. She spoke English pretty well & definitely said she was not there for an abortion, just a “check up” due to some pain in her abdomen. She seemed fine and smiled a lot & said she would not consider having an abortion ever. They all left & we waved & smiled as they drove off.
Another couple (late 20’s), who probably came in early morning, were exiting out the PP driveway when I had a chance to share some material as the male driver rolled his window down.
I quickly had to explain why we were here, (as the guard was in the back but heading toward us due to seeing the car stopped in the driveway), & politely asked why the young lady was here. She did say she was here to find out if she was pregnant, and they did confirm that she was. I then quickly asked them to please read over all the material & check out the PRC if they needed help, but to never never make a decision to abort as she (they) would regret that all their lives. I encouraged them to keep their baby & they would enjoy a wonderful family life together etc…
By this time the guard was barking at me (us) to move out of the driveway…I stepped back a few feet ignoring him & kept focused on the two in the car. I reiterated as much as I could & mentioned they had a “blessing from God”, & “don’t throw that back at HIM”…they seemed very open & receptive as I encouraged they to keep the baby….she seemed very excited to be pregnant & so did he but I couldn’t get a confirmed “we keep the baby” as they were getting pressured to move out of the drive from the guard etc…
They smiled as they drove off…

“How senseless is everything that can ever be written, done, or thought, when such things are possible.” – All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque