A mother in Redding, California, stopped to talk with a sidewalk counselor on her way into her abortion appointment. But instead of going through with the abortion, she visited the pregnancy resource center, where she chose life.

“What could be better than a life saved on day one?” asked Redding campaign leader Paul. “How about two lives saved?”

Later that same day, a mother with two young children came to Planned Parenthood because she feared she wouldn’t be able to take care of a third.

Even after talking with sidewalk counselors, the woman went inside to pick up her abortion pills…but vigil participants never stopped praying for her.

That evening, the mom texted pro-lifers to let them know that she is eight weeks pregnant–and decided not to go through with the abortion.

From Life News

“How senseless is everything that can ever be written, done, or thought, when such things are possible.”
– All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque