Friday, 5/10/24 9:10 to 11:35 (2nd shift)
Below are combined from 1st & 2nd shift…Very busy at PP today
14 couples in / 9 out
5-7 singles in / 10 out
10% took materials

Pam reported it was very busy in the morning –> 7 couples and about 4 singles in by 9:00.

Mr Goatee on duty, doing his usual encouraging those parking on the street to park in the back and then letting them in the back door.
Only a few all morning took any materials we were handing out; most just declined.
We did manage to get some materials into the hands of a few couples as they were departing, apparently there for “other” services.
I was able to get one young male escort (Matt, 19 yrs) to stop and chat as he was coming out about 11 am to get something to eat.
This ended up being a 20-25 minute conversation. He was young and admittedly immature. He told me he had a girlfriend inside that was here for a pregnancy test and subsequent abortion.
We talked about that not being a good thing for either of them, about life beginning at conception and that was his (their) son or daughter, then discussed the other Pregnancy Resource Center services/options out there and why this would eventually wreck their relationship, that if he just manned up and told his girlfriend he would work to support her through all this she may make a decision to keep their baby – to please call her and talk to her.
He seemed to acknowledge all the above, but he felt this wasn’t the time to have a child as it would interfere with his (their) life and he just didn’t want to take on these responsibilities.
He was open to chatting and admitted he had been brought up in a “religious” household where both mom and step-dad were Christians, but he personally hasn’t made a decision to follow Christ.
He then got a phone call from his girlfriend inside, and he went to the front door kind of laughing/smiling as he went in, coming back out 5 mins later and walked over to chat again.
He said his girlfriend had several positive pregnancy tests over several weeks, and when they came here for an abortion they tested her again, and she turned up negative.
He then mentioned PP told them they’d be here for four hours, but now she was coming back out to leave shortly.
While waiting outside, he started asking me some questions and that lead into a discussion on where he was going in life. I advised him to get his Bible out and read something every day and to search what God has for him and his life.
Anyway, he talked about taking junior college EMT courses at Miramar and that didn’t seem to work out, but apparently he had done some actual work with the EMT companies and was getting paid as he was attending classes.
Mr Goatee guard was listening in on all this above and then started to pipe in about how good working for the fire department is and getting experience as an EMT.
Lastly, his girlfriend came out about then, and they both walked off to get some lunch.

– From Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, San Diego

“How senseless is everything that can ever be written, done, or thought, when such things are possible.” – All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque