Out of 108 parishes in the diocese of San Diego, only two churches send prolife witnesses to Planned Parenthood, the high-volume clinic which does San Diego’s surgical abortions. Parishioners from St. Anne’s, the Latin Mass parish in Barrio Logan, come every Tuesday to pray the Rosary. A group called Helpers of God’s Precious Infants musters 10-20 who walk a mile on first Saturdays from Our Lady of the Rosary in Little Italy.

A mix of Evangelicals and Catholics stand watch in ones and twos on most weekdays. Three to six Catholics say the Rosary on Saturday mornings. (Bishop Joseph Coffey, now auxiliary bishop of the Military Archdiocese, came every week to join the latter group for three years when he was stationed at the nearby Marine Corps Recruit Depot.)

But the most active group are the two-three Evangelicals from Reformed churches on Saturdays. Gentle but relentless, they approach everyone who comes near the clinic. San Diego Antifa members have zeroed in on these pro-life counselors and tried to block them from abortion-minded women.

Last Saturday, February 24, a woman had gone into the clinic. Her boyfriend waited in the car in front. A young Evangelical man persisted with the boyfriend, “Call her up, tell her to come out, we will help you with the baby.”

About 9 am, while the Catholics were finishing their Rosary, the boyfriend came and got the Evangelical to talk to his girlfriend who had come out and was sitting in the car.

As the Catholics had finished and had broken up, about to cross Grape Street, the Evangelical walked up quickly to them. “She changed her mind. She said to us, ‘You have just saved a life.’ ”