Wednesday, Jan. 24
There were 5 couples in the door by 8:00 and 2 couples in within 3 minutes after my arrival.
A few couples slowed down briefly to talk and/or take material before going in but could not be persuaded to listen for very long.
Several male escorts were observed going in/out throughout the morning but most just ignored any attempt to get a conversation going….
Only one male “boyfriend” (both were in their mid 20s) stopped to chat after they went into PP:
He did take material & said he’d “look it over” on his way out to wait in his car. Further discussion revealed he was a “Christian” and stated he knew this was “wrong” but “it was her decision.”
We talked about it being a decision you both needed to make and how this would negatively impact their relationship and how it would impact them the rest of their lives etc., this was his/her “son or daughter.”
He then stated he wasn’t even sure she was pregnant, but I told him if she was, they’ll encourage/persuade her to have the abortion, and that would not solve any problems for them but make things worse. I said many times it just takes the male to “man up” and tell her you’ll be there to support her and it’s not too late to turn this all round. To go to a pregnancy resource center and talk to them first etc…there are other much better options etc…I pointed out the handout with all the abortion pill reversal information to him
We went around with this for a few more minutes & he thanked me but went to his car to wait. He was in there for about 30 minutes but by that time I needed to go
The female PP director was observed leaving just before I left, not in her red Prius, but driving a new red/black SUV.

Thursday, Jan. 25
A single lady (~30’s?) was sitting on the bench when I walked up. I got her attention but she refused materials & then the guard opened up the door & she went in.
There was only one other single & 2 couples until about 9:00, all were offered material but refused.
Then right about 9:00, 4 couples drove in all at the same time, and walked around to the front one after the other, but all refused materials.
Everyone who parked in the back today had to come around to the front even though “Mr Goatee” guard was on duty.
Turned out that yesterday I noticed the elevator was broken and they were sending customers up the emergency exit stairs next to the front doors.
Apparently they had not fixed the elevator so the back door was not available for the guard to let them all in.
I had a chance to talk to one group couple, (Grandma, 2 sisters & a small child maybe 3-4 yrs old), who had parked up the street.
The mom refused material but was polite & said she was here only for birth control & went in. I later went up to the Grandma & sister who was helping to watch the child.They were friendly, we chatted & the grandma said they were Christian & had actually attended the pro-life march a few weeks ago.
One couple that came with a small child, (late 20’s), drove in and parked in the back.
The mom came by, took the handouts but didn’t want to talk & just kept going in.
Later her husband & small child (~2 yrs) drove back out & parked up the the street somewhere.
~10/15 minutes later, the dad came down street with child in arms & I approached them with materials again. He indicated he didn’t speak English (he had a Caribbean– From Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, San Diego

“How senseless is everything that can ever be written, done, or thought, when such things are possible.” – All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque/French accent as best I could tell), so I asked if he spoke Spanish?, and he said yes, so I pulled out all my Spanish material to hand him, and as best I could explained what they did here at PP.
He seemed oblivious to that fact so I showed him the CAPS address & number & said they had a Spanish-speaking person there, & asked him to call them. He took the material & walked up the street back to his car. Not sure if he contacted them or not, as he was busy with his child, but I think I conveyed what PP was all about. I just hope he connected the dots WRT his wife going in there etc…
Later that morning the mom was observed exiting PP, I tried to get her attention again but she was in a hurry to go back to her car and was busy calling him on her cell to see where he was parked. She only had “paperwork” in her hand, no “white bag”.

A single Hispanic lady (~early 20’s) stopped to chat. She listened & took all the materials.
She said was here for the morning-after pill. That led to a discussion about when life begins….
She thanked me but wanted to go in anyway.
I asked if she was a Christian & she said no. So I shared the Gospel with her and explained why we were here etc..and gave her a tract and asked her again to not go into PP but to go to CAPS.
She was polite but wanted to go in. Later in the morning I saw her leave & asked if she had looked over the material, she smiled & showed me she still had them as she departed up the street.
Several others took material but did not want to chat.
Two of the 4 couples observed leaving had the “white bag” and barf bag, as they left. They all refused any handouts

A workman (late 50’s) was doing a job across the street & had parked his work truck out in front of PP. One time as he was getting some parts from his work truck I offered a tract and explained why I was out here. He took the tract & said thanks, then shook his head & said “they should close that place down.”

– From Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, San Diego

“How senseless is everything that can ever be written, done, or thought, when such things are possible.” – All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque