From Jan. 11 email:
Another “typical”, routine day throughout the morning.
Mr Goatee guard on duty, valet, deliveries, worker bees arriving & director driving in ~ 8:00
Of the five couples going in I was only able to intercept & offer materials to three before Mr Goatee guard walked out to them parked on the street to direct them to the back parking area.
First couple was there when I walked up at 7:15, husband/boyfriend? dropping her off outside to wait on the bench until the guard let her in…..(she definitely was several months along!), but didn’t want to talk & totally ignored me.
Another couple arrived by 7:30 & a third couple before 8:00

He (guard) did the same with about half of the singles going in today as well.
Only a few of the folks took material, the rest “no thanks” …..
One random (non-PP customer) young lady (late 20’s) walking down the street took material and was very grateful for the hand outs.

From Jan. 12 email:

Another typical day at PP.
Today Mr Goatee guard is going the extra mile again; when singles come out the front door, he now intercepts them, takes them back inside & walks them back out thru the rear back door to get to their car.
I try to offer material to them as they drive out the driveway, everyone declined.
Not surprising, as I overhead him counseling them not to take material from me
I did give some Spanish handouts to a Hispanic husband in his work truck as he was driving out. He brought his wife (mid-30s), & dropped her off in the back.
But he didn’t seem interested in talking & indicated in broken English that he didn’t know what she was doing there.
A lot of singles were observed coming out today and almost everyone had the paperwork & “white bag” in hand.
The ones (few) I could catch coming out when the guard was busy elsewhere, all declined any material.
A couple of male escorts from the couples that went in earlier came out during the morning, but they declined material as well.

From Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, San Diego

“How senseless is everything that can ever be written, done, or thought, when such things are possible.” – All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque