Minimal engagement with those going in today:
Hispanic couple (mid 40s) observed going in as I was walking up, missed them, but spoke with them as they came out just before I departed. They were there for “other” reasons & were very polite taking “material to share.”
A young girl (~ 17-18?) was brought there by her grandma who parked on the street. I offered the young girl material as she was exiting the car (before the guard could get to them), but she was not in a good mood & rejected the offer. I then tried the grandma who also was not happy. They both went into PP. 20 min later the grandma exited. I tried again to get her to talk but got the usual grumpy response, “it’s her decision” before she closed the door & drove off….with a Rosary clearly hanging from the mirror….

Early on in the morning for some reason, about half the total couples going in today came in from the street or someplace else where they parked. The other half parked in the rear with the guard letting them in the back. I tried flashing my hand out to those in the back when I could make visual contact, but no takers, as the guard was coaxing them into the back door.
Pretty much the same as above with the singles today
Observed many “escorts” coming/going but none wanted to talk.

– From Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, San Diego

“How senseless is everything that can ever be written, done, or thought, when such things are possible.” – All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque