Dec. 8
Three Middle Eastern women (2 daughters ~ mid-late 20’s & their mom) arrived ~10:50. They were very receptive in taking material & listening about PP & what they were all about. Said no way they “abort” a child. they were here for other reasons. Anyway they appreciated the info, thanked me & went in.

Dec. 14
The guard let 4 of the 6 couples as well as ~ 3 of the singles in the back door again
I offered material to one couple (early 30’s) leaving via Uber, but they purposely ignored me. As they were getting into their ride I observed the male had sonogram printouts in his hand & he handed it to his female companion in the Uber. Before he shut the door all I had time to say was “that’s you son or daughter, I hope you keep the baby!”….door closed & off they went.
…the guard seemed to respond to some of my opening comments about what PP was all about. Long story short he definitely got my point that he was “helping” PP in what he was doing letting in folks thru the back door.
That led to a long exchange on when life begins, why we were here & doing what we are doing etc….

Dec. 15
I observed 3 couples leaving that had the “white bag” and looking sick. I was able to give one male (early 30’s) all material as he escorted his girlfriend out to their car and a post abortion contact card, saying “she’ll probably need this”. He at least seemed open to taking the material given the condition of his girlfriend….;-(
(The Goatee guard had left in his truck on his 10:30 break at the time of the incident)
As he walked up to the front door with his girl friend I innocently/typically “tried again” saying that “we were there to just help folks”.
He turned around came back all upset & said F2F I was “harassing” him. I said, “I’m not trying to harass you, just wanted to try to help”.
So he went over & picked up my black bag of material & threatened to dump it into the trash saying “how does that feel?, me harassing you?”
I walked over & said fine., “I apologize if I caused a problem”, so he put my bag back by the tree.
I then “mistakenly” thought by just saying something neutral to help make peace with him, “maybe we can chat later?”…with that he did it again, so I walked over & said OK fine and he put it back again.

Dec. 21
….Encountered 2 couples in a row around 8:00 /& 8:15:
1st couple (late 20’s) parked on the street outside & walked toward the entrance. I was able to intercept them before the guard told them about the parking in the rear. However, I was greeted with a resounding “F-Off” and sarcastic comments from the female as they walked past. Her male escort just chuckled and off they went. He was observed coming out to leave about 30 min later but just ignored me as he walked past to their car and drove off.
2nd couple (late 20’s), parked across the street, stopped & took all handouts. They were both polite, and she mentioned she was not there for an abortion. They thanked me for the materials & off then went to PP.
– From Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, San Diego

“How senseless is everything that can ever be written, done, or thought, when such things are possible.” – All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque