From a sidewalk counselor in front of Planned Parenthood in Ventura:

A charming, guileless woman of about 25 walked up to three of us who were praying outside of a PP clinic. She was finishing up a sucker – one of the type doctors hand out to children at the end of an appointment. I guess PP gives out suckers, too, to people who don’t care so much for children, especially for unborn ones.

This woman had come out of the clinic, something that never happens – whomever goes in or out of that parking lot always strives to avoid any eye contact with people praying on the sidewalk. But this gentle woman who had three small bags of items walked right up to us and smiled.

I smiled in return and asked if she wanted to pray with us. She looked with curiosity at our rosaries and said, “No, I came to see what you are doing.” I prayed to the Holy Spirit to guide our conversation and we talked for a while. I tried to counter her misperceptions about PP, abortion, and sex education, but when she left me I had no idea if I had made any impression.


Many cars drove by as we prayed outside the PP clinic. Most people waved or honked in support of what we were doing, but others shouted ugly words or made obscene motions at us.

This woman said that two years ago she had driven her 17-year old granddaughter to this clinic for an ultrasound, but sidewalk counselors talked them into going to a nearby pregnancy care center for a free ultrasound and counseling support. The young woman agreed and went on to bring her baby to term and offer him up in open adoption. The people at the care center helped her throughout her pregnancy. The woman finished high school and has a relationship with her son and his adoptive parents. The grandmother wanted us to know how grateful she was that someone was there to talk to them two years ago.