The following story was sent in by one of our readers:

Medi-Cal is being bilked, but it is not by the usual suspects. A system that allows personal wealth to be awarded by the denial of treatment to those in their care, is an invitation to great and chilling abuse.

In Ben Afleck’s startling film, The Town (2010) a group of hardened criminals dress as nuns and pull yet another heist. The scene is electric and jaw-dropping.The jarring moral contrast of elderly nuns packing heat, spraying authorities with machine gunfire and ruthlessly ripping through stacks of cash, is more than a juxtaposition of ideas. It has a hellish creepiness to it.

And yet here in California precisely the same scam, multiple millions of dollars are being amassed by those posing as religious supplicants on missions of mercy. Catholic Healthcare West is actually hijacking Medi-Cal funds and defying the Church as they laughingly make off with more money than many for profit executives. And the source is all government funds. If the government won’t complain, and those who are refused care are silent (dead men tell no tales), then who is the wiser?

Lloyd Dean, is CEO of Dignity, the quasi-Catholic Healthcare West, (they were forced to temporarily stop using the term Catholic for defiance of Catholic ethics, but they still oversee 24 Catholic hospitals and have a bevy of symbolic nuns in ‘oversight.’ Dean is personal friends with President Obama and is considered a bundler for his campaign. He is a big supporter of the California Democratic Party.  He is one of the highest paid non-profit executives and his manner of payment is very creative.

At Catholic Healthcare West, executives not only have good salaries, but also have access to large loans they don’t have to pay back.

President and CEO Lloyd Dean was paid $1 million in compensation in 2002, plus $896,000 in expense accounts and other allowances. On top of that, two years earlier Catholic Healthcare West lent Dean $1.7 million to help him buy a house, listing it in its tax records as “forgivable over five years.” Seven other executives have received forgivable loans for mortgage assistance since 1998, according to the organization’s financial records.

“We don’t as a practice provide loans, but in situations where we have people moving from other parts of the country to extremely expensive areas, we will, on a case-by-case basis, give them a relocation loan,” says Charles Chapman, chairman of the compensation committee for the board of directors.  (From USA TODAY, 9/29/04)

By 2010 his pay was nearly $5 million per annum which may seem to defy the definition of a non-profit entity – not run for any individual’s personal profit. (Becker Hospital Review, 8/17/12)

In light of the fact that this is essentially funds amassed from the government treasuries (for the poor), and as the articles below indicate, they are funds amassed in clearly questionable (and blatantly anti-Catholic) ways, primarily through managing the care a patient does NOT receive.

‘Managed care should probably be taxed,’ says Governor Brown. Ha! Good luck. Affleck’s fake nuns got their money… and it looks like California’s fake nuns will get theirs too. And like the movies, they too leave bodies in their wake.

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