The following was sent to Cal Catholic on June 22 by Charles LiMandri.

LiMandri was one of the main proponents of Prop 8, the attorney who led the saving of the cross on Mt. Soledad (in La Jolla), and the attorney who led the action of the San Diego Firefighters who were obliged to participate in the local Gay Pride parade.

LiMandri is currently involved with the defense of David Daleiden, who is being sued for the videos which exposed their sale of baby parts.

In his book Making Gay Okay, author Robert Reilly exposes many of the myths concerning the militant homosexual agenda. The phrase “sexual orientation” is a modern social construct used for ideological purposes. It has no real basis in fact or science – nor in history for that matter. Certainly, homosexual acts have been around since antiquity; however, for thousands of years people have recognized, as a matter of common sense, that the norm is, and should be, male-female human sexual relations.

It has been beyond dispute, until the last couple of decades, that this rational view of human sexuality was best for society.  This is especially true for the children who are the product of such unions. There is an abundance of scientific literature that proves that children generally do best when raised within the confines of a stable marriage between their own biological mother and father.

A more recent and even more destructive social construct is the phrase “gender identity”. It has taken thousands of years for “enlightened” cultural elites to regress to the irrational belief that biology and anatomy do not matter when it comes to our sexual identity and behavior. Rather, they have now “discovered” and demand, that everyone else accept, that our “gender identity”, like our “sexual orientation”, is whatever one professes it to be, at least for the moment.

This insanity has come as no big surprise to those of us who have always known that true marriage is necessarily a gendered institution–requiring both a biological male and female. The marriage anarchists succeeded in “redefining”, and thus all but destroying, this foundational institution for a healthy society. The next short illogical, but predictable, step was to destroy the concept of gender itself.

The only surprise is the rapidity with which this degradation of our human dignity has occurred. It has occurred, with raging effect, and within twelve months, on the heels of government mandated recognition of same-sex “marriage”–an oxymoronic institution if ever there was one.  And, for its radical adherents, this has led to a deification of deviant sexual practices.  It has further resulted in the inevitable and aggressive persecution of devout Christians who refuse to bow to the false god of sexual license.

The latest example of the tyrannical impact of gender ideology is the prosecution of a Catholic cardinal in Spain.  His crime was daring to preach the Catholic beliefs on homosexuality and gender during a Catholic Mass, in a Catholic Church, at a Catholic University.  See link here.

For those faithful who take the Bible seriously, we can take comfort in the fact that we are not only on the right side of history, but also on the right side of eternity. And we know with great confidence that the Truth will be made fully known to each of us when our time comes to give the  final account on how we responded to it: “For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” 1 Corinthians 13:12.

In the meantime, our role is much like that of the faithful Catholic priest who was  a passenger on the Titanic. He heroically sought to save as many people as he could, even as he knew the ship was going down.

Libertine views on marriage and gender go hand and hand with the current prevalence of moral relativism. Yet, as Christians, we know that Christ is the one and only Truth:  “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”  John 14:6. The only remaining question is:  Are we willing to stand for that Truth and, in doing so, seek to reclaim our fallen nation, and save even those who would persecute us for doing so.