The following comes from a November 16 Catholic Stand article by Matthew James Christoff:

There is a serious Catholic “man-crisis”: The pews have fewer Catholic men in them than ever before.

The New Emangelization Project ( has documented the devastating loss of faith among Catholic men. Large numbers of baptized Catholic men have left the faith and the majority who remain are “Casual Catholic Men”, men who don’t know the faith and don’t practice the faith.

One in three baptized Catholic men in the U.S. have left the Church. The fastest growing religious segment of the U.S. population are called “Nones”, those who profess no religion. The single biggest contributor to the “Nones” are men who were formerly Catholic.

It gets worse: the majority (some 50-60%) who remain are “Casual Catholic Men”, men who don’t know or practice the faith.

Large numbers of Catholic men don’t have a basic understanding of the faith.  Only about one in three Catholic men strongly agree the Sacraments are essential to their faith.  About half of Catholic men are “bored” in the Mass and don’t feel they “get anything out of the Mass.”

A startling 60% of Catholic men would consider leaving the Church.

These men are not committed to pass the faith along to their children. Half of Catholic men do not know the faith well enough to explain it to their children and they are not convinced it is important for their children to remain Catholic.  The lack of commitment of fathers to pass the faith along to their sons will add to the Catholic “man-crisis.”