The following was forwarded to Cal Catholic in a May 19 email.

Dear pro-life supporters everywhere,

We are reaching out to you for support on our project The Sidewalk Chronicles. I began work on this project as a labor of love.

After much prayer, I felt a calling; a mission to create a documentary that can be used by churches, sidewalk counselors, retreat centers, and anyone else in need.  The intent of this film is simple. To help change pro-abortion thinking and save lives.

Now we need your help to spread the word about it.

We have already funded much of the project out of our own finances but we still need help for distribution.

I began making films at an early age, but only now do I see the plan God has had for my film-making endeavors all along. Tired of the lies I was seeing in the media regarding abortion and it’s affect on the women who’ve had them, I felt called to create this film and expose the true stories behind abortion and how adoption can be the saving answer for many women facing an unplanned pregnancy. But how many women out there would really want to tell their stories?

As it turns out… dozens.

Many reached out to me, ready to tell their true stories so that other women won’t have to go through the same physical, emotional and spiritual pain they endured.  They don’t want others to be misled into believing abortion is a solution. I took the strong response as a sign.  I said goodbye to Hollywood dreams and began to pursue God’s calling for my life. I formed my own independent production company Visionary Film Productions.

This film is our first attempt to tell a story that makes a difference and gives hope to those men and women who are at a critical time in their lives. A time when the choice they make will affect the rest of their future.

We featured in this video and it is our goal in the future,  to show interviews with some of the most prominent names involved in the pro-life movement. We have conducted numerous interviews and in Sidewalk Chronicles lovingly show the TRUE repercussions of abortion and why for many, adoption is the only healthy and happy choice in the matter.

Our goal is to create films that build awareness of pregnancy centers and maternity homes for women considering abortion. Many sidewalk counselors and numerous other women including abortion survivors have contacted us and want to add their testimonies to films.

Now we need support to bring these powerful stories to the screen. We believe films like this MUST be made.  If it is successfully distributed we plan to make more faith & conversion movies like it.

We hope to tackle the topics the secular media distorts, and we’ll tell the TRUE story. Can you spread to your contacts, our request for help to accomplish this mission?

Please spread this e-mail and news about this project to anyone and everyone you know who might have an interest in helping to support pro-life videos.  And please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions or suggestions about our films. Thank you again for your generous support and God bless.

Two trailers can be seen at:

Supporters can contact us directly at:

In God’s Will,
Nathan Leon and Meghan Hervert