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Included on Restless Pilgrim are posts on: podcast discussion of Mere Christianity, a response to Islam’s denial of the crucifixion, and 11 reasons why guys should dance.

Hello! My name is David Bates and I’m an English Software Engineer living in the United States, currently based in San Diego, California.

I was raised Catholic, became rather disillusioned with the Church and went on ecclesiastical wanderings for several years before returning whole-heartedly to the Catholic Church. Several years ago I fell in love with the Eastern Rites of the Church and I worship at a wonderful Byzantine Rite parish here in San Diego.

I adore Mexican food. I occasionally have facial hair. I love puns. In the Myers-Briggs personality test I come out as an INFJ. If you would like to know more random facts about me, please click here.

The title of this blog is “Restless Pilgrim” and it describes pretty well how I’ve felt for the last few years.  These years have certainly been interesting ones… filled with uncertainty, adventure, frustration, heartbreak and excitement. I lived in London for the first time and moved around a bit before ultimately leaving England and travelling 5,489 miles away to live in the United States. In my opinion, every good blog (and every bad one too) needs a Patron Saint. Ours is St. Drogo, which has led to some interesting results when googling this Saint.

Living a rather rootless life like this tends to teach you some important life lessons and the whole experience has left me with the feeling that they should be shared.  These are some of the things I will be sharing on this blog. The other thing I will be writing extensively about will be my faith and apologetics (as well as the theology of He-Man).  Over the last few years I have also found myself increasingly called upon to explain and defend Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular.

“Travel writing can be much more revealing than we realise. Without our firm anchors and safe havens, authors can often find themselves reflecting with greater depth than they might normally achieve from their more secure bases” 

– Michael Ford, A Restless Soul: Meditations from the Road

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