Last week I finished my quarantine after testing positive for Covid (most likely the “Omicron” variant, as I live in New York and came down with Coronavirus right as that variant became predominant here).

My experience with it was exactly what Dr. Robert Malone (the scientist who invented mRNA technology and now speaks against it – and was just deplatformed by Twitter for sharing scientific facts; I wonder when WordPress will deplatform me!) described it as: a Christmas gift from God; an illness so mild that it is more accurately described as a (natural) attenuated-virus-vaccine. The symptoms were only like a common cold for me, my wife, and our four children – and none of us have been “vaccinated” against Covid. Well, there was one difference: I completely lost my sense of smell. This, too, was a great gift, being that I have a one year old still in diapers and older children whose morning breath can sometimes only be described as apocalyptic. (Unfortunately, my sense of smell is now returning!)

In all seriousness, though, it was indeed a gift: we now have natural immunity to Covid – which is far better than what any vaccine would have given us….

The relevant considerations:

  1. The HEK 293 cell lines were part and parcel to the development process of these vaccines (whether, as in Pfizer/Moderna, pre-release testing – also a requisite part of development. See just this one paper from Pfizer/Biontech, et. al., which alone makes several references to their use of HEK in developing their mRNA vaccine…or whether, as in J&J, the vaccine was – even more problematically – actually cultured on the HEK line ) More on this point below.
  2. Abortion was part and parcel  – to the generation of the HEK cell line; a healthy, normal preborn girl was murdered in the Netherlands in the 1970s for it. She was likely extracted – alive via a C-section abortion – from her mother’s womb, and dissected – alive – in order to most “successfully” remove cells from her kidney; only perfectly fresh organs (taken from a living baby, that is) would have worked in culturing a fetal cell line as “successful” as HEK293. It is an oft-repeated lie that it was either a miscarriage or that some abortionist murdered a baby, then a scientist came in and said “Oh, what a shame that you did that. But now that you did, let me extract some cells.” No, the abortion was almost certainly undertaken with the intention of extracting the cells; for the cell line to work, these cells had to be extracted within minutes of the baby’s extraction (and pray tell – how exactly could that have happened if it wasn’t intentionally planned beforehand?) and in a way that would make Hitler proud – from a “fresh,” that is, living, baby’s body. Moreover, the cell line is called HEK 293 (Human Embryonic Kidney 293) because it took 293 experiments to create it – experiments that required many, many abortions before the one that ultimately generated the cell line. Now, people debate about the details of this point and I am not well versed in that debate. But so long as the account I have provided here is even possible, it is what I will assume is the case. Only in light of overwhelming evidence would I be willing to operate under the premise that HEK was derived from a miscarried baby.
  3. Abortion – as well as unborn-child-murdering “scientific research” – is an ongoing genocide. It is, therefore, far worse to participate in any way in it than it would be to benefit from, say, atrocities undertaken in medical research in Auschwitz during a genocide that has since ended.
  4. Unborn-child-murdering “scientific research” (for example, embryonic stem cell research) continues to this day precisely because the diabolical forces behind it know full well that Christians today – by and large – are too cowardly to take a strong stand against it, and will readily gobble up any remedy to their physical ills that involves cooperation with it.
  5. Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, etc., are still using the HEK cell lines which were necessary for the development of their Covid vaccines, and every such vaccine taken increases their profits and emboldens them to continue this evil practice.
  6. Material cooperation in evil must only be justified in proportion to the importance of what is pursued by that cooperation. But the vast majority of people have an over 99.9% chance of surviving Covid without vaccination. With Omicron, which will likely soon account for all Covid cases, that survival rate will likely rise to over 99.99%. Overall deaths from Covid are not the relevant statistic here. Survival rate is the relevant statistic. By the logic of appealing to overall deaths in a situation that applies to the whole world of almost 8 billion people, any risk of death, even the most utterly minimal one, will wrongly seem to justify extraordinary means in order to avoid it. Consider speed limits:if all speed limits were reduced to 5 mph, this would save over a million lives every year. Doing so would still be absurd, however. Your survival rate proportional increase from everyone driving only 5 mph does not merit such a change. With speed limits as they are, you have about a 99.99% chance of surviving all of your year 2022 driving. Bumping that up to a survival rate of 99.999% would be nice, but no one in his right mind would consider that a moral obligation for you if it required extraordinary measures, and even less so is it an obligation if doing so involved material cooperation in evil!  (See Footnote 2)

Certain Catholics have gone into overdrive for the last year, relentlessly presenting example after example of things that we all do which allegedly consist in more proximate cooperation in evil than one would be engaging in by receiving, for example, the Pfizer Covid vaccine. Not only are each of the arguments presented flawed in their own right (though going through each would be too long), they are also nothing but straw men. The question here is not “exactly how remote/proximate are we talking about here?” The question, rather, is: “How can we justify even remote material cooperation in consideration of the 6 points above?” It is those 6 points which these vaccine pushers systematically ignore….

The above comes from a Dec. 31 posting on Daniel O’Connor’s Blog. O’Connor is the author of The Crown of Sanctity and Thy Will Be Done.