The following comes from a Feb. 18 story in the Milwaukee Catholic Herald by Archbishop Jerome Listecki.

A couple of weeks ago, the state of New York passed legislation that allowed the extinction of a human life up until the moment of birth. As some have explained, even if the attempted abortion is botched and the baby born alive, there would be a right under the law to “euthanize” the baby. Is this the witness to Christianity and its teaching that our forefathers envisioned for our nation?

….What steps do we take to stem this ugly trend? Some would advocate the imposition of canonical sanctions (excommunication) upon the political leaders who support and promote this activity. Excommunication should be both a punishment but also medicinal. Many are Catholic in name only; any true Catholic would never think the taking of an innocent life would be tolerated by our faith. Others would desire that communion be denied these public figures and enforced by the local authorities, but many ignore Church authorities and I wonder how many are attending Church on a regular basis. Do you think these politicians are going to confession? Many call themselves Catholic but do they really understand the teachings of the Church? But the real problem lies with our Catholic community that justifies the voting for candidates who would support anti-life actions. Therefore, it begins with us making our voices heard as politicians vie for our votes and refusing to accept the rationalization that we can make these heinous actions rare and limited. Human life demands our respect, protection, and nothing less.