The following is a January 9, 2016 update from Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego, sidewalk counselors at Family Planning Associates on Miramar Road:

Dear Pro-life Friends,

When we first arrived, we were relieved to see a new security guard.

One of the counselors quickly approached the guard with an introduction and explanation of why we are here, and that we care about the women, and do not want to cause any trouble.  The guard was at first very nice and understanding, but then when she walked over and talked to the yellow-shirt escorts, her attitude immediately changed.

She began ordering us toward the parking lot away from the building, and telling us where we could be and when we could not talk to the women, based on orders given from the office manager of the abortion clinic.

To make matters worse, a rather “tough” looking woman arrived in a truck and began getting in our face like a bull dog, arguing with us, and cussing us out, before eventually donning a yellow shirt.  After trying to explain to the guard several times that we have a legal right to be here, we decided to just call the police.

Two patrol cars arrived, and after talking to all parties, including the yellow-shirts, the police explained to the security guard what our rights are, and that we could go anywhere on the property except inside the abortion clinic.  The police also went upstairs and spoke to the office manager of the abortion clinic.

After the police left, the security guard left us alone, but was still aggressively approaching cars along with the yellow-shirts, informing the occupants that they could tell us to go away.

Early in the morning a young woman pulled into the front lot near FPA [the abortion clinic, also known as Family Planning Associates].  She was immediately greeted by a counselor The woman listened as the counselor told her about the medical history of FPA.The counselor urged the woman to seek help at either Turning Point or to call Culture of Life Family Services. The woman seemed concerned. The woman told the counselor she was here to get the pill.  It appeared she meant abortion pill. At around that point several yellow shirt escorts and the guard surrounded the woman.  They were all talking over the counselor and the woman became frightened.

The counselor told the woman she would be happy to help her get to the crisis pregnancy center, but  the woman said it was okay, and she was leaving to go somewhere else.  The counselor told her there was a map with directions to get to Culture of Life Family Services on the brochure she gave her.  Please pray that this woman goes to a good pregnancy support center where she can see her child on ultrasound without the pressure of having to abort.

At one point this morning a woman got out of a car quickly and went up to the abortion clinic. One of the counselors approached her boyfriend and gave him much information on abortion and the medical risks of FPA. The young man took all the information and told the counselor that his girlfriend was afraid to have the baby because one of her previous pregnancies ended with the death of her baby, and this caused great trauma for the woman. This was her first abortion and he told the counselor she used to be a Christian until the death of her baby.

The young man had many confused beliefs, but the counselor talked with him about Jesus and tried to infuse some light of truth. The counselor gave him books about the essence of pure love and chastity and a post abortion support card. They both came out sometime later and it appeared she might have had the abortion, but he told the counselor that she could not have the abortion because she had three previous c-sections. The counselor tried to talk with the woman and though she was polite to the counselor, she declined to talk about the situation. Please pray for this couple.

At about 9:30 in the morning a couple pulled up in the parking lot. A counselor approached them and gave them all the information about the doctor, the danger of abortion, and an information card about Turning Point and Culture of Life Family Services. The couple seemed very timid, as if they did not want to make the choice; and they graciously accepted the information. They were open to talking, but once the yellow shirts intruded on the scene, the couple walked away and went upstairs to the abortion clinic.

About 45 minutes later, the young lady was seen up on the balcony on the phone, sitting there and crying. Her boyfriend soon came out to sit next to her. Time passed and she went back in with her boyfriend. Both looked heartbroken. About 30 minutes later, the young man came out crying, stayed on the balcony for a few minutes, and eventually came down to his car. The counselor showed him sympathy and asked if he needed any help. He wanted to be alone. His girlfriend came back down a little bit later. The counselor approached her and said if she needed anything there would be much help for her. She kindly listened to the counselor but continued walking to the car. They stayed in the car for over half an hour talking while the counselors prayed.

The couple came out of the car together and the counselor approached them once more, telling the girlfriend about the dangers of abortion. She said she would read the information and was gracious for the help. Soon after, the young man came down and sat in his car for about 10 minutes. The counselor walked up to the car with some more information. This time he talked and opened up. He said he was Catholic and was on his way out to pray at a local church for his girlfriend. He also gave reasons why his girlfriend wanted to have an abortion, saying it wasn’t the right time and they needed money, etc. After talking some more about God’s Mercy and Providence, the young man drove away and left.

Around 12:30, he returned and two of the counselors approached him giving him some last information before they left for the day. Right before leaving, the girlfriend came down. She had an ultrasound but not an abortion. She was extremely grateful for the witness of the prayer warriors and counselors. She left open to life and knowing that there will be much support for her.

Pray for this young couple that they will continue pursuing life for their unborn child.

-the sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego