Dr. Mary Gatter leaned forward in the restaurant booth and gestured with her left hand: “When medication abortion was approved back in 2000…[I thought] ‘Who would want to do this?’ Who would want to miscarry at home and cramp and bleed at home when they could come in for a quick little surgical procedure? It turns out a lot of women would rather do that than come in for any kind of surgical procedure,” she finished, laughing.

Gatter’s comments are recorded in the unabridged video released by the Center for Medical Progress. Her discussion of medical abortions starts at 10:45 in the full video: 

On February 6, 2015, Gatter, medical director of Pasadena Planned Parenthood and San Gabriel Valley met with investigators posing as agents from a tissue procurement company. While waiting for Laurel Feltzer, also from Planned Parenthood, to arrive, Gatter and the investigators discussed how many abortions Gatter’s Planned Parenthood affiliate performs annually. “Seven hundred and ninety-eight a year. That’s surgical.” Gatter stated flatly. “Because remember our meds volume is going up too…It might be as many as thirty percent of our total AB volume is now medication abortion. Which is not helpful for you.”

“There was a lot of fear, back in 2000, that our phone lines would be overwhelmed, people calling,” Gatter continued. “We got calls from 12-year-old kids who hadn’t told their parents they were coming in, who were horrified at the amount of bleeding and cramping and then some of them went to the emergency room, and some of the emergency rooms were Catholic hospitals, so you know, all this kind of stuff goes on.”

Planned Parenthood did not respond to multiple requests for comment on this story.

Gatter became famous last July for saying that she wanted a Lamborghini as part of a deal for fetal parts. The video of the conversation can be viewed below:

The Internet is littered with warnings by women who had a medication abortion:

  • I was losing massive amounts of blood/tissue, and had cramps worse than any pain I’ve ever felt in my life. I called the Planned Parenthood hotline, where they assured me that everything was fine and I shouldn’t worry. After about 10 hours, I couldn’t move or even lift my head. I called 911, where I was rushed to the emergency room where I almost died due to blood loss and had to be given a blood transfusion. – Anon
  • I stood up in hospital and poured with blood all over the floor. – Jay
  • On November 14th I had the abortion pill all sets orally. Here I am it is January 03 and I’m still bleeding….I regret ever taking the abortion pill and aborting my child. I regret ever stepping into the office. – Still Bleeding