Harsh words came from Calexico pro-lifers after Planned Parenthood tried to get into that town’s schools.

NBC’s Channel 11 in San Diego ran live interviews the week after the Calexico school board on Sept. 26 tabled the memorandum of understanding between the schools and Planned Parenthood to provide on-campus training by Planned Parenthood.

The broadcast by Milrose Basco, NBC’s Imperial Valley reporter, starts out in front of San Diego Planned Parenthood’s headquarters in the Mission Valley area.

But the show included clips of staunch Calexico pro-lifer Danny Ramirez.

“One problem with the Memorandum of Understanding is that Planned Parenthood is identifying students as clients. I thought they were referring to students and children, but clients, that’s dollar bills, obviously that’s what Planned Parenthood wants – to make money.

“The question is what does this skill building mean. Well, we’re [Planned Parenthood] going to teach them copulation. We’re going to teach them oral sex. We’re going to teach them anal sex. We’re going to teach them how to sodomize each other. How to put condoms on.”

The last line uttered by the reporter Basco in her report:

“We reached out to the school district, but they were not available for comment.”

To see a clip of the interview, click here and look on lower left for video titled “CLX Planned Parenthood