The following comes from a May 19 LA Daily News article by David Montero:

BURBANK- The small hands were clasped together and a few gripped long white candles in a line that stretched to the Globe of Danger, three brightly-painted motorcycles and an idle fog machine.

The Rev. Jerry Hogan made some final adjustments on his red vestment adorned with cartoon giraffes, elephants and a circus ringmaster. Sister Dorothy Fabritze, in a slightly more conservative wardrobe of tan slacks and jacket, walked along the row of children and parents awaiting Catholic sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and first Holy Communion Thursday.

“Let’s focus on Jesus coming into your heart,” she said. “Are we good? Are we ready?”

They nodded. Hogan smiled. The nun took her place behind the tall red curtain.

Slowly, it opened. The stage lights streamed through the widening gap, bathing them in brightness.

Two-by-two, they entered the round stage beneath the big top. The circus stars had made this entrance thousands of times to the cheers of the crowd. But this morning, the seats were empty. This moment wasn’t for the crowds. This was for God. And for them.

“It’s showtime,” Hogan said.

Hogan is a circus priest. Lest one take offense at that moniker, it should be noted Hogan’s Twitter handle is @circuspriest. He’s also the National Circus Chaplain — part of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Circus and Traveling Shows Ministry that serves about 120,000 Catholics working more than 50 circuses and nearly 400 carnivals in the United States.

His Burbank stop coincided with the Circus Vargas run that pulls up stakes Tuesday and will begin a five-day stint in Ventura beginning Thursday.

Hogan flew out from Boston to shepherd the 11 performers and their children through the three sacraments; one baptism, six first communions and four confirmations.

“It’s a three-ring circus,” Hogan said. “Isn’t it wonderful?”