CaliforniaRegions3GolfCA_1-237x300As of Oct. 10 the California Catholic Conference of Bishops offers no pro-life candidate guide.

Their only recommendation is for a Yes vote on Proposition 47:
“Proposition 47 is an initiative that, if approved by voters, would reduce the penalty for non-serious and nonviolent property and drug crimes from a felony to a misdemeanor, unless the offender has prior convictions for violent and serious crimes. The Bishops of California unanimously agreed to support Prop 47 – the only measure on the November 2014 ballot on which they have taken a position.”

The California ProLife Council has published a pro-life voting guide for this November divided into 13 regions of the state. The guide includes answers candidates furnished to the following questions:

“1. Does the office seeker support legal protection for unborn children?
2. Does the office seeekr support requiring parental consent before an abortion can be performed on a minor child?
3. Does the office seeker oppose efforts promoting a state policy of euthanasia such as physician assisted suicide?”

From the guide:
“Click on your region below to download your copy of the 2-14 General Election ProLife Voter Guide for your area

“To find out which region you live in, take a look at our California Regional Map.”

Central Coast

Central Valley

East Bay

Inland Empire

Long Beach-Los Angeles

North Bay

Orange County


San Diego

San Fernando Valley-Ventura County

San Francisco Bay

San Gabriel Valley

San Jose-Santa Cruz