Dr. Ingrid Skop, a Texas OB-GYN and vice president of the Charlotte Lozier Institute, told National Review that it is “absolutely the case that those of us who don’t do abortions are cleaning up after these complications.”

She said women are being told the lie that abortion pills are safer than common pain medications like Tylenol, but “they don’t recognize that it actually, the misoprostol puts them into labor….”

Skop said she recently treated a woman in the emergency room who had been bleeding daily for two months after taking the abortion pill; parts of her aborted baby and pregnancy tissue were still in her womb.

Here’s more from the report:

Skop said she performed a surgery to evacuate the tissue. She then called the pill provider in California to let them know about the complication. She said she questioned why they didn’t perform a surgical abortion, which is less likely to result in complications.

“And he goes, ‘We don’t offer them if we know they’re going to travel the next day. We don’t give them a surgical abortion because they might bleed on the plane.’ I’m thinking to myself, ‘Do you know what a chemical abortion does?’” Skop said, adding that the California abortionist proceeded to yell at her about the need to change Texas’s anti-abortion laws. …

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