Richard Hanania, in addition to writing for Newsweek, is the president of the Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology and a research fellow at the Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies at Columbia University. In reaction to the limiting of abortion in Texas, Hanania warned about the possibility of an increase in births of people with Down syndrome and other disabilities — because they will no longer be aborted, thanks to laws like the Texas Heartbeat Act.

“You can’t screen for Down syndrome before about 10 weeks, and something like 80% of Down syndrome fetuses are aborted. If red states ban abortion, we could see a world where they have five times as many children with Down syndrome, and similar numbers for other disabilities,” he wrote. In follow-up tweets, he added, “Could be outliers in the whole developed world. There are already negative stereotypes of Americans in these states, one can imagine it getting much more extreme. What if they also ban genetic engineering and embryo selection [eugenic reproductive technologies], while other places go ahead?…”

Despite Hanania’s claim that nearly 80% of Americans have an abortion following a Down syndrome diagnosis — which he believes includes pro-lifers — the real rate in the United States is estimated to be approximately 67%….

In Europe, the abortion rate is so high that the birth rate for children with Down syndrome has fallen by 54%, according to a recent study. In southern Europe (countries including Spain, Italy, Greece, and Monaco), the decrease in births was 71%, while northern Europe (home to countries such as Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden) was at 51%. In Eastern Europe (countries including Russia, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary), the birth rate for babies with Down syndrome decreased by 38%.

Iceland recently boasted of having a 100% abortion rate for preborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome, while nearly every abortion in Poland is due to disability. Just 18 babies with Down syndrome were born in Denmark in 2019, while the Netherlands tells women they have a “moral duty” to have an abortion if their child has Down syndrome….

The above comes from a Sept. 3 story on Live Action.