The following comes from a September 1 email from Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego:

Dear Pro-life Friends,

We had 8 counselors in the lot this morning, and there were 4 others on the balcony, but only a handful of prayer warriors on the sidewalk.  There were about 10 yellow shirts and a new guard.  This was the first day here for the new guard, and he seemed to be very uncomfortable being on the wrong side of the battle, and stayed mostly up by the front door.

The yellow shirts have become more aggressive.  One of the leaders purposely blocks our movement, and admitted that she will do anything to keep us from talking to the women going in.

Several people this morning looked like they would listen to us, but all of the commotion caused by the yellow shirts crowding around them makes it difficult for them to talk to us, and the path of least resistance for them is to follow the yellow-shirts up to the abortion clinic.

About mid-morning, a mother and her daughter arrived in a newer car.  The mother appeared to be in her late 50’s, while the daughter was in her 20’s.  One of the counselors approached the car, and the mother got out and starting yelling at the counselor to get away.  Another counselor approached the daughter, but she walked over to the first counselor and ripped the flyers out of her hand and threw them in the counselor’s face.  The mother pulled out a cigarette and the two of them shared derogatory comments about us with the yellow shirts who were standing nearby.

A young African American couple arrived a short time later, and three counselors approached the car.  They had their windows rolled down, so the counselors were able to begin a conversation with them for a few seconds before the yellow-shirts converged on the scene.  The couple listened while the yellow-shirts kept interrupting, saying we were lying about everything.  After the man said he wanted to hear what we had to say, the yellow shirts finally backed away a few feet while the counselors explained about the botched abortions here last year, and the risks involved if they go upstairs.

After about 15 minutes of talking about the value of their child and the bond they will have, we tried to get them to go to Culture of Life Family Services to see a doctor.  The woman looked nervous, and seemed to be on the fence about having the abortion.  One of the counselors called a very generous pro-life friend who talked to the woman, and offered her a job and assistance in paying their rent.  The couple wanted to talk alone for a few minutes in the car.  Finally they said they wanted to go upstairs and just get an ultra-sound at FPA to find out how far along she is, and to talk to the doctor.  The counselors convince the to go up to Turning Point Pregnancy Resource Center first, to get a free ultra-sound.  They agreed, and the counselors walked with them toward the stairs.

The yellow-shirts immediately came up when they got out of their car and tried to escort them into the abortion clinic.  Once we were on the balcony, one of the yellow shirt leaders stood in front of the couple, trying to block them from walking into Turning Point.  The security guard finally had to come over and tell the yellow-shirt that she can’t block the couple from going somewhere else.  The boyfriend seemed to not want the abortion, while the girlfriend was on the fence, but leaning toward at least finding out about an abortion.

While blocking the couple from moving forward, the yellow-shirt kept asking them if they want to see the doctor in FPA.  Finally the woman said yes, and the yellow shirts crowded around to escort them into FPA.

The boyfriend came back out a few minutes later, and allowed the counselors to talk to him, but when the girlfriend started to come out, the yellow-shirt pushed her back inside the clinic and told her to stay inside.  The woman said she wanted her boyfriend to be with her in the back room, so he went back inside.

We stayed praying for them for the next half-hour, but they remained inside.  We had to leave before we found out what their decision was.  Please pray for this couple.  Please also pray for the conversion of hearts for the yellow-shirts.  While they preach that it is a woman’s choice, the only choice they want a woman to make is to have an abortion.