California teen Sylvie Richards believes her mother is “helping people” when she travels to Oklahoma to abort unborn babies.

This week, the 17-year-old defended her mother’s abortion work in an essay at Teen Vogue. But Richards honestly seemed confused about why pro-life advocates want to ban abortions, likely because her mother hid from her the truth.

“As I try to rationalize [pro-lifers’] thought processes, searching for logic in their misinformed judgments, I draw a blank,” Richards wrote. “Throughout my entire life, when my mom isn’t sitting at the dinner table or finally letting herself relax on a family vacation (a rare occurrence), she has always been doing something to help others.”

Her mother is a California abortionist who recently began traveling to Oklahoma to abort unborn babies there. Oklahoma has seen an increase in pregnant mothers coming from Texas to abort their unborn babies after Texas banned abortions on unborn babies with beating hearts last fall.

Driving to school recently, she said her “heart clenched” when she heard a report about Oklahoma passing an abortion ban. Abortionists who abort unborn babies in violation of the law could face up to 10 years in prison or fines of $100,000.

Richards said she cannot understand why pro-life advocates want to punish her mother for doing abortions. She seemed to think that if pro-lifers simply would understand that her mother is a good person, that they would not pass laws like those in Texas and Oklahoma.

“These people don’t know my mom, and it’s likely they don’t know any other abortion provider,” she continued. “Yet, they feel confident enough in their perceptions that they attempt to threaten their livelihoods, and sometimes their lives.”

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