After nearly twenty years of court battles, the parental notification law passed in 1995 went into effect in mid-2013. The law requires abortionists to notify a parent of an under-18-year-old girl before performing an abortion on her.

The following comes from a Christmas appeal sent by Illinois Right to Life forwarded by a friend on Feb. 8.

We have an early Christmas gift for the Illinois pro-life movement. The Illinois Department of Public Health just released the 2013 abortion statistics.

Abortions in Illinois declined 5.7% in 2013 to the lowest recorded level since 1974!

Furthermore, as a result of the combined effort of Illinois Right to Life, multiple pro-life organizations, and, most notably, the Thomas More Society law firm in Chicago, the Illinois Parental Notification Law went into effect in August of 2013.

Abortions on minor girls in Illinois declined 20% in 2013 reaching the lowest rate in at least 18 years. Abortions on girls 14 years old and younger declined a shocking 31.6%!

P.S. You can read the full summary of the Abortions Statistics report here.