This YouTube link was sent to Cal Catholic on June 18.

The video was uploaded in 2012 but continues to get views and comments.

A sample of comments follows:

Che Mago via Google+
6 months ago

I don’t know if you guys heard about the story of baby boy #christianbuchanan (blind since birth) .. This is a video of her mom Lacey sharing her joy of being a mom. Sharing how grateful she was for having Christian in their lives .. Her struggles, her strength, and the things she has gone thru just to keep her baby. I’ve never seen someone as kind and dedicated as Lacey Buchanan. Her love for her son is not anything in this world. It’s incomparable.. #unconditional .. ( note: get a tissue/hanky before watching it #tearjerker)_

Yuli B
6 months ago
Very touching +Mitch Arai, thanks for sharing

Che Mago
6 months ago (edited)
You’re welcome +Yuli Bok_

Matthew Graham
5 months ago

Wow I definitely respect you for carrying that child and I hope that he and all of your family are able to bless others.

I especially have respect since the symptoms that are associated with abortion are usually stories like yours. Seeing the child in real life is a challenge for all of us. I am proud that you continue to love and support your child. I hope that it will give a picture of what redemption can look like for others who have to make that same difficult decision to carry a child when situations are far less than perfect.  I hope that through whatever means, (medical technology etc.) we can find ways to enhance Christian’s life so that he can experience a full life. “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” John 10:10 I pray that those words will be true in your son’s life.

God bless_

Matthew Graham
5 months ago
I was thinking about this baby for the day. I really do hope the best for the boy and for you as the parents. I must admit this is difficult in my mind as I think about the problems that will be associated with raising the child. I think of how life would be for him, and the difficulty myself and our society has when confronted with the real faces of those who truly are the ones that we would rather abort. I know that God loves him and he will love himself. I pray for strength for you as parents to keep loving him though the road will be hard.

I sincerely hope that this would not be used in any way to prop up the pro-life movement by waving around this child. I don’t want his life to be just a prop. I know people here have respect for life and I hope that it will encourage us who do; to not only support it with our mouths, but with our money and time. I hope that I remember that child and what the real faces of those who are outcast. I pray that I will have the strength to love them like you have your son. God bless once again._

Vicky Ewan
1 week ago

he is a handsome little man and he is a miracle, those who say otherwise have no place to say. he is a happy little boy and he will have a wonderful life_

2 months ago

Why would anyone dislike this video? Its very touching. There is a beautiful world but he cant see it. Its sad. #prayforchristian  _

Marcelo Filiais
1 month ago

Ohhh man… i think i never cried so much… i am so happy for you… he is an amazing boy… and beautiful the way he is… you will be even prouder of him… believe me you will!


Amby Nicole
4 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Lacey! You are amazing and I hope you know it!_

Samira Soparkar
5 months ago

You’re awesome! You must have tremendous strength to have been through all that you’ve been through, and Christian will grow up with that same strength. Your love for him will be reflected back to you and I know that he’ll have a good life. I really wish your family the best!

Makaela Davis
1 month ago (edited)

I cried and cried and cried omg you’re amazing & strong and I am happy that you did not abort your amazing son !!_

3 months ago

Beautiful boy. I’ve often heard that when a child is born with a handicap such as Christian’s they make up for it in other areas. That child could grow up to be a bestselling author or a famous musician one day._