Deacon Jerald Geronimo gave a 13-minute homily on Sunday, June 20 at Star of the Sea church in San Francisco.

Deacon Geronimo began by describing the clashing winds and waters in the Sea of Galilee and extending to our day, “The Waters of ordinary life – the Church and secular society – clash. The world tells us we can identify as whoever we want, that man can identify as woman….

“We find Planned Parenthood in every other news outlet advocating for abortion and contraception on demand…

“In the 18th century a Benedictine nun Mother Marie Cecilia had private locutions about the life of St. Joseph…. One day in the woodshop Joseph notices Jesus making something on his own. It was a small cross. Joseph collapses as Jesus describes the death. Joseph would go into Jesus’ room and he would kiss the cross….”

A 15-second excerpt:

“Beginning today at this Holy Mass, fathers, take Joseph as your guide in a world that wants to destroy masculinity, that wants to kill fatherhood, that wants to crush the family.”

Deacon Geronimo is from Colma (San Mateo County) and is scheduled to be ordained for the priesthood next year.