Roberts joins 5-4 majority in Louisiana case
Supreme Court won't allow state to ask abortionists to have admitting privileges

A sharply divided U.S. Supreme Court on Monday stood by its most recent abortion precedent. Chief Justice John Roberts joined the court’s four liberals, citing the Supreme Court’s adherence to precedent, to invalidate a Louisiana law

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SCOTUS lets stand law requiring ultrasound image and heartbeat audio
Kentucky allows woman to look away and turn off the sound

Kentucky’s ultrasound requirement for abortions survived an appeal to the Supreme Court on Monday as the justices declined to take up a challenge to the law. Kentucky’s law, “The Ultrasound Informed Consent Act,” requires abortion doctors to

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Dreamers, gay rights, abortion, religious liberty
Supreme Court begins term today facing cases nearly certain to cause ideological rifts

The Supreme Court opens its new term Monday facing decisions on the so-called Dreamers, LGBTQ rights, religion and abortion.

The justices will decide whether President Trump may revoke the Obama-era protections for more

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