Danco fined for mislabeling abortion pills coming from China
To reimburse government $765,000 under False Claims Act

California’s Life Legal Defense Foundation achieved a significant victory in a whistleblower action filed against Danco, which manufacturers the deadly chemical abortion pill Mifepristone. Danco was created specifically to import and distribute Mifepristone under the name Mifeprex. The lawsuit was

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Judge Kacsmaryk’s arguments against the abortion pill
FDA's consistent fudging on women's safety

“Unborn humans.” “Eugenics.” “Head, hands, and legs, with defined fingers and toes.” “Shame, regret, anxiety, depression, drug abuse, and suicidal thoughts.” Federal Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk’s Friday decision freezing the FDA’s approval of the abortion-pill combination, mifepristone and

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California can’t take any direct action to keep mifepristone available
Misoprostol-only treatment runs risks of prolonged bleeding

California’s Democratic lawmakers have spent the past year enacting legislation to protect abortion rights in the wake of Roe v. Wade’s reversal, but a ruling today by a Texas federal judge is one thing they can’t touch.

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