Justice Alito: “We have never seen restrictions as severe, extensive, and prolonged”
Freedom of speech and religion endangered

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito says the Covid-19 pandemic has brought “previously unimaginable restrictions on individual liberty,” warning of an important shift in the views of essential rights on several fronts, from religious freedom to free

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Supreme Court tells 9th Circuit to reconsider ruling on March for Life
Little Sisters of the Poor decision extends to others

The U.S. Supreme Court Thursday vacated a U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit decision against U.S. Department of Health and Human Services rules that protect organizations with religious or moral objections to including abortifacients

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Little Sisters of the Poor closing San Pedro rest home
Jeanne Jugan Residence has been open since 1979; sisters are seeking someone to buy the property

The Little Sisters of the Poor announced Tuesday that they will be withdrawing from the Jeanne Jugan Residence in San Pedro, where they have resided for the last four decades.

“As part of

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Ninth Circuit: No exception for Little Sisters of the Poor
California-based federal appeals court rules 2-1 that Trump administration exemptions from birth control mandate for religious groups violates Affordable Care Act

A federal court in California on Tuesday blocked the Trump administration’s efforts to except religious organizations from the Obamacare requirement that employers provide birth control to their employees as part of their health insurance coverage.

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