California teachers recruit for high school gay clubs
Palm Springs meeting reveals stalking of students' google searches

Members of California’s largest teacher’s union discussed how they “stalked” children to get them to join LGBT clubs and mocked parents who complained about pro-LGBT content in their classrooms, according to leaked files obtained by author

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Appeals court tosses part of Wiener’s LGBTQ senior law
LGBTQ Long-Term Care Bill of Rights barring use of wrong pronoun violates free speech

A state appellate court struck down a key provision of the LGBTQ Senior Bill of Rights, which requires long-term care staff to refer to facility residents by their preferred names and pronouns, as unconstitutional under the First Amendment.

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‘Glitter ashes’

Proclaiming “the need for progressive Christian witness has never been more urgent,” a New York-based LGBTQ advocacy group with roots in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), has launched “Glitter+Ash”. Parity

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