Biden ready to prime the baby-killing machines
Trump policies to be axed: Mexico City Policy, Title X restrictions, Hyde Amendment

President-elect Joe Biden is poised to roll back several of the Trump administration’s most restrictive sexual and reproductive health policies, including limits on abortion.

Reproductive rights advocates expect Biden to quickly overturn Trump-era rules, like

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How to turn the virus into pro-abortion tool
George Soros and NARAL targeting Arizona, Colorado, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Georgia, Iowa, and North Carolina

Federal Election Commission data revealed that Soros’s Democracy PAC gave $1 million to the radical pro-abortion group NARAL Freedom Fund. “A new ad from the abortion rights group NARAL Freedom Fund features young women accusing the President

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Trump seeks style in federal buildings that eluded his hotels
Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then

Regarding President Trump’s Executive Order creating a preference that federal courthouses and other federal buildings be designed in a classical style, George Weigel commented: “….The ever-more-ludicrous New York Times, in high editorial dudgeon,

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