Cristo Rey school opens in Santa Ana next fall
Students will earn tuition at Orange County transit, Latham & Watkins, Best Western, Northgate Market

Too often, children from disadvantaged families don’t know how to step on the first rung of a corporate ladder – much less climb one. They likely have never seen the inside of a law office or

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Fr. Bill Krekelberg describes Serra relic, Lincoln signature, Archbishop Cantwell cane
Orange diocese archives to move from Capistrano to Christ Cathedral

  Whether it was pure luck, or part of God’s plan, the choice of Fr. William Krekelberg to be Director of Archives and de facto historian of the Diocese of Orange, couldn’t have

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Former Orange diocese chancellor writes letter to Jennifer Lopez and Shakira
When did pole dancing and soft porn become part of Latino culture?

Editor’s Note: Though the Super Bowl took place more than a month ago, the FCC continues to receive complaints about the performances of Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. The commentary below, from the former chancellor of

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