Goodbye David Haas music “Blest are They” and “Send Us Your Spirit”
Letter from GIA confirms the permanent suspension of his music at public worship

Letter from GIA Publishing:

Last year, we were deeply heartbroken as dozens of women came forward to share their allegations of sexual assault by composer David Haas.

I assume that by now you are

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Bishop Barber of Oakland affirms right to traditional Latin Mass
Pope's concerns – and mine– are 'care of souls and preserving the unity of the Church'

“Last Friday, July 16, the Holy Father issued guidelines regarding the use of the Traditional Latin Mass, known as the Extraordinary Form. We will need time to properly study the document and its implications. “In the meantime,

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“I was fired”

For 37 years, the Bay Area Crisis Nursery has been Sister Ann Weltz’s life. She lives in the house next door. She didn’t have a personal telephone number. Anyone wanting to reach her called the nursery.

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