Federal government to resume capital punishment
California bishops don't like it, promote Catholic Mobilizing Network petition to stop the executions on California Catholic Conference website

The U.S. government is scheduled to execute four death row inmates within a six-week period starting December 9.

The number of death row inmates scheduled is in stark contrast to the mere three

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U.S. resumes use of death penalty
Justice Department schedules executions for five federal inmates convicted of horrific murders and sex crimes

The U.S. Justice Department on Thursday reinstated a two-decades-long dormant policy allowing the federal government’s use of capital punishment and immediately scheduled the executions for five death row federal inmates.

“Congress has expressly

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A state crime

The death penalty is always a rejection of the Gospel and of human dignity, and therefore must be rejected by all countries, Pope Francis told the Delegation of the International Commission against the Death Penalty on

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