California Governor Newsom sits on the University California Board of Regents. The UC system is a leader in the fetal harvesting of babies delivered one of two ways:

One method is live dismemberment. This is exactly what it sounds like. The baby is denied even the comfort of being killed before being ripped limb by limb, because digoxin, the chemical normally used to cause fetal demise before the abortion, destroys the fetal tissue, rendering it unsaleable.

The other method is to induce labor, this method is preferred because the babies are delivered intact and again, because the doctors do not use digoxin, the baby body parts can be harvested and sold.

When they use the medically induced abortion method the baby survives and is delivered alive up to 50% of the time. Upon delivery that baby is either immediately harvested for its organs or bagged up in a special solution to preserve the body parts.

Governor Newsom does not care about those Californian babies’ lives. He knows what UCSF is doing and has done nothing to stop it – in fact, he supports the fetal harvesting contracts.

So, come hell or Covid 19 stay-at-home orders, the Survivors are moving forward with our plans to launch a fulltime activist team in San Francisco on June 27. We have secured a house and after initial cancellations we are back on track and have a place to land.

Now we are intentionally selecting 10 young people who will commit to full-time activism to directly confront and put an end to born alive fetal harvesting.

Fetal harvesting must end, not only at UCSF but all across our nation….

The above comes from a May 28 email by Jeff Smith of Survivors LA.