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The pro-life movement today is morning the passing of Judge Robert Bork, a pro-life champion who was famously attacked by abortion advocates and denied a spot on the Supreme Court, where he could have become the deciding vote to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Bork, who was a LifeNews reader for many years, died at the age of 85 from complications of heart ailments.

Bork was nomination to the Supreme Court but was so aggressively attacked by Democrats who opposed his nomination over his conservative ad pro-life views that the term “Borked” entered the Oxford English Dictionary in 2002 as a verb meaning to block a nominee for public office by vilification.

Judge Bork was often praised for his brilliant legal work and his service as Solicitor General and then Acting Attorney General but he became a household name after he was attacked following his nomination to the Supreme Court by President Ronald Reagan.

Some pro-life political observers have said over the years that had Bork been confirmed and Justice Souter not betrayed conservatives by supporting abortion, Roe may well have bee overturned by now and millions of unborn children saved.

Conservative writer Roger Kimball recalled the famous attacks on the pro-life nominee.

“The vicious campaign waged against Judge Bork set a new low—possibly never exceeded—in the exhibition of unbridled leftist venom, indeed hate,” he writes today.

“Reporters combed through the Borks’ trash hoping to find comprising tidbits; they inspected his movie rentals, and were disgusted to find the films of John Wayne liberally represented.”

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