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A plan to include a cross to the county seal of Los Angeles County is starting another legal battle over religion in the City of Angels.

Two county supervisors argue that the portion of the seal that includes the San Gabriel Mission, considered the founding city of Los Angeles County, is incomplete without a cross.

The county seal used to have a cross, representing the crucial role of the Catholic Church in pioneering the state, but it was removed under threat of an  American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit in 2004. The ACLU is threatening to sue again.

“This thinly veiled attempt to smuggle the cross into the seal will fool no one; it will reopen the debate about the separation of church and state … and risk the lawsuit and liability supervisors once wisely avoided,” ACLU of Southern California Executive Director Hector Villagra wrote in an email, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

In other words, “we bullied you once, we’ll bully you again.”

As usual, the ACLU prefers political correctness to historical accuracy, but even by those standards the argument is lame.

This is California – where every other city’s name starts with the word “San,” or “Santa” (including the capital), where two Major League Baseball teams are called the “Padres” and the “Angels.” Religious references aren’t exactly revolutionary.

Arguing that a religious image in a county seal is some “veiled attempt” to mingle church and state — in a place called Los Angeles County, no less — isn’t just a-historical, it’s ludicrous.

And with California the deepest blue of the deep-blue states, a virtual poster child for every lefty cause in the country from Obamacare to immigration, gay marriage and legal marijuana, the lefties at the ACLU should be able to rest easy.

Libs have been making the Golden State a basket case for decades, the Los Angeles County seal isn’t going to stop them now.

They still have Jerry  Brown.


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