A California school board president said he and his family have received death threats from activists after the district voted on a resolution that forbids the display of banners other than the American or California state flag.

Trustees representing the Sunol Glen School Unified School District in the East Bay, which serves 270 K-8 students, voted Sept. 12 on the new rule, which critics claimed was a backdoor attempt to remove the Pride flag and other progressive symbols from school grounds.

Sunol Glen School Board President Ryan Jergensen was one of the members who voted to restrict the display of non-governmental flags….

Jergensen, who has four children attending the school district, said he has a vested interest in the community and only pushed the measure to turn the school’s focus away from partisan politics and towards education. However, Jergensen said the vote led people from inside and outside the small community to behave as activists.

“When these other people came, more fighting and more contention was brought in. There was one person in our community in particular who is has been spinning up these people and inciting them to harass those of us on the board and those of us in the community that feel that our schools should focus on the students,” he added.

Jergensen was recently granted a temporary restraining order against the individual in question, former school trustee Denise Kent Romo. She is married to current Trustee Peter “Ted” Romo and served on the board from 2016 to 2021 before resigning for health reasons. Jergensen was appointed to fill her seat and later won a full term in November 2022….

The restraining order was filed, according to Jergensen, after he received numerous death threats targeting him and his family. Several of the death threats allegedly highlighted claims from Kent Romo, who had suggested Jergensen was anti-LGBTQ and associated with extremist organizations….

“When did oppression become your main goal?” one of the death threats asked. “Maybe hunting Christians or those of hate should be the backlash? Watch yourselves—for the oppressed will rise and one can only hope they do not act like you—or you may need to hide your kids, your wives, your husband’s and anything you ‘love.'”

Another threat falsely claimed Jergensen is a member of Moms for Liberty, telling him he better hope his membership comes with life insurance.

“Enjoy your weekend. It could be your last,” the anonymous email sender added….

From Fox News