The following comes from a January 12 College Fix article by Elias Atienza:

Student activists and Women’s and Gender Studies professors at a top-ranked public university in California have banded together to demand administrators launch a “queer studies” program, saying it would address the needs of “invalidated” queer students on campus and make the school more “inclusive.”

The Women’s and Gender Studies department at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo has called on the administration to incorporate a queer studies minor, suggesting it’s the “just” thing to do, and student activists told peers who disagreed with them on the need for the program to “check their privilege.”

All of this started back in early November when a student activist group calling itself “SLO Solidarity” sprang to life in the wake of the student protests that engulfed campuses nationwide last fall over claims universities are bastions of institutionalized racism.

In December, the Women’s and Gender Studies Department came out in support of the group in a public letter stating a “queer studies” program would be “integral to the creation of a more diverse, inclusive, equitable and just Cal Poly.”

Among SLO Solidarity’s 41 demands are calls for the creation of a queer studies minor and a “Women’s, Gender, & Queer Studies” major, as well as the hiring of more professors to teach such subjects.