The March 22 bulletin of St. Ignatius Church, the flagship Jesuit parish of San Francisco and the parish church of the University of San Francisco contained the following entry:

“Adult Faith Formation. Because of the Synod of Bishops on the important topic of marriage and the family, most of the talks this coming year will be on the topic of marriage and family, but there will also be a few talks on spirituality and one on social justice. The bulletin then listed this speaker:

‘How to Talk to Your Teenage Children About Sex’ Presenter: Tim Lewis, Psy.D.
Dr. Lewis is a clinical psychologist at the California Counseling Institute.
When: Sunday, March 22, from 10:50 – 11:45 am.
Where: Xavier, Fromm Hall”

Who is Dr. Lewis? His profile at California Counseling Institute includes the following: “I work with individuals, families, and couples. Of particular interest is my work with families, adolescents, and children in overcoming seemingly intractable impasses.”

In 2013, Dr. Lewis served as the editor for the San Francisco Psychologist, a quarterly publication of the San Francisco Psychological Association. His “letter from the editor” in the Spring, 2013 issue closed with this description of his practice: “Tim Lewis is a clinician practicing in downtown San Francisco. He specializes in the treatment of addiction and issues facing gay men.”

Dr. Lewis has a personal webpage, Under the section Relationship Issues, in the subsection Challenging Childhood, Dr. Lewis lists two topics:  “Dealing with a difficult childhood history” and “Growing up LGBT.”

Dr. Lewis’s focus on homosexuality is reinforced in his profile on the website. “Psyris” is an acronym for “psychology resource information system.” He indicates the services he provides:  “Adult, Individuals, and couples treatment.” No mention there of children. But he does include in his Areas of Expertise: “LGBT and Questioning Individuals” and “Occupational Issues of Persons with HIV.” The profile closes with:

“LGBT and questioning individuals face special challenges in life no matter what age or where they are in the coming out process. A therapist who knows and understands these issues can be key in helping you to overcome obstacles associated with living in a heterosexually-biased world….”

The California Counseling Institute, where Dr. Lewis works, is located on the grounds of San Francisco’s St. James Episcopal Church. More than that, the California Counseling institute is an outgrowth of the Episcopal Church, an organization founded in opposition to the Catholic Church over the issue of divorce: “The California Counseling Institute began as the Center for Pastoral Care established at the Episcopal Church of the Advent of Christ the King in 1978… Four years later, Canon Pastor George Foxworth spearheaded relocation to Grace Cathedral where we remained until 1988…From 1984 to 1991, the Reverend John Gallagher acted as executive director and developed the core therapeutic staff.”

Coincidentally, San Francisco’s St. James Episcopal Church has appeared in the pages of California Catholic Daily before, most recently on Monday, March 23. We reported that a number of homosexual activist priests and laity had left the Faith and joined the Episcopal Church, including ex-Jesuit Father Cameron Ayers, who now serves as Priest Associate at Holy Innocents Episcopal Church in San Francisco. We mentioned Reverend Vincent Pizzuto, associate professor and ex-chairman of the department of theology and Religious Studies at the same University of San Francisco that is hosting Dr. Lewis, and who in 2007 was ordained priest of the Celtic Christian Church. In 2014 Rev. Pizzuto was received into the Episcopal Church.

We mentioned David Differding, ‘leatherman’ and ex-coordinator of the worship committee at San Francisco’s Most Holy Redeemer church.  Differding is a parishioner of St. James Episcopal, and he is listed on the church’s website as one of two delegates to the 2015 General Convention of the U.S. Episcopal Church. The pastor of St. James Episcopal is same-sex “married” Rev. James Kirkley. On August 12, 2009, CalCatholic reported that in 2006 Kirkley had been invited to preach at Most Holy Redeemer, where he gave a homily on “The Healing of the Centurion’s Boyfriend,” in which he implied a Biblical endorsement of sodomy.  The article noted that the projection of homosexuality into the Bible is an ongoing theme of Rev. Kirkley’s ministry.