The following came in a May 18 email from Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust.

I spoke to Kristina, our campus outreach director, by telephone this morning. The Survivors team is on the road, traveling through the northwest. This morning they were in Boise, Idaho.

Let me share some of the stories beginning with Las Vegas: Picture with me an abortion worker angrily standing in front of the door of an abortion clinic, indignant the Survivors are there.

As a young pregnant mom approaches, Lauren hands her some literature and says, “Put this in your purse or she (the angry abortion worker) will rip it out of your hands.” The young girl looks at Lauren like she thought that was a crazy statement.

But sure enough, the worker sees it and demands, “Gimme that!” pointing to the literature in the girl’s purse as they walk into the killing center.

She disappears into the clinic. Sadness fills the air, another baby lost.

But a few moments later she comes back out, clearly shaken up. Lauren puts her arm around her and assures her she was going to be okay and the girl leaves, comforted by Lauren’s kindness with her baby still safely resting in her womb.

From there the team drove on up to Salt Lake City. The way the team described this city was “untouched” because the abortion clinic acted as if they had never had someone stand against abortion in front of their clinic.

One employee came out and demanded to know who the Survivors were. Kristina happily gave her one of her cards. Then a new employee walks up and says, as she stared at the pictures of aborted babies, “Whoa! This is what they do?”

Before it was time to leave two women left the clinic and chose life for their babies.

At a high school in Boise what could only be described as a mob scene erupted on the sidewalk instigated by the vice principal and protected by the police.

First, the VP kept yelling at the Survivors to stop bullying “his” students as he aggressively tried to block the view of the images.

9VnpEiDwHe-nsb9BrdJWrlRrsSEkdly9vM0PQv3NKv2nTzkduAvjmw56fE9ot1XwAXY8jDo7EZ85q09_lnU7H5Tc5SPMW2WoynSktQQUXlxcgUt4=s0-d-e1-ftEmily was surrounded by an angry mob of about 20 boys all yelling at her and mocking her. As she held her ground and continued to try to speak to anyone who was not acting crazy, one of the boys lit the pamphlets in her arm on fire.

At one point some high schoolers began to spit on Lauren and a couple even began to throw rocks. You would think that the police would step in, or maybe a school administrator, but their attitude was: Well if you’re going to show this crazy stuff you should expect some people to get angry.

It seems one young man, 15 years old, was just watching and after the crowd dispersed a little he walked up to Kristina and spoke with her for about 15 minutes.

He said to Kristina: Thank you for having a conversation with me. I’ve never had a
conversation with someone pro-life.

A teacher or administrator came rushing over to where the boy and Kristina were talking. She yelled at the boy, “What are you doing, get home right now, stop talking to this person, go home now!”

The boy obeyed. Why? Because it was his mother.

Kristina said to the mother/teacher; “Don’t be so closed minded.” The mother furiously screamed at Kristina a defense of her parenting model that included a declaration that she taught him to be open minded.

Apparently she did because a few minutes later the boy returned to ask Kristina some more questions. He questioned the comparison to the holocaust as he looked at the images. She asked him how were the Nazis able to get the German people to despise and forsake the Jews?

He responded, by dehumanizing them. Kristina simply pointed to the aborted baby in the photo and asked, “What did they do to her?”

He simply said, “Wow!”

Then the mom came back, shocked he had returned, and was just chewing him out and berating him for talking to Kristina again.

As he walked away he discreetly waived goodbye to Kristina, holding his arm close to his side so his mother wouldn’t see the pro-life literature he carried.

The next day they went to Boise State University.

It started well at Boise State as the pro-life club leader thanked the team for being there. He said he always wanted to have the abortion victim photography at his university. But soon crowds began to gather in the quad and then counter demonstrators arrived.

As the crowds grew a bunch of guys from the Secular Student Alliance decided to create a Shame Free Zone, as they chalked a big circle around where they were standing.

One of the men held a sign stating: “My body my choice.”

Some, saying they represented Planned Parenthood, pelted the team with condoms! Shouting, “We love abortion!”

There were people handing out coupons for tacos, Komen bracelets, rosaries were being given away by another group and of course the barrage of condoms from Planned Parenthood.

Then as one of the team members was explaining to a pro-life girl on campus that you needed to keep an eye on the students because they sometimes would vandalize the pictures she noticed a young man kneeling in front of the sign. He was vandalizing the sign.

He drew a moustache on the face of the aborted baby. Lauren asked him, “Why would you do that to the picture of that little girl who was killed by abortion?”

He just smirked and said, “Well it’s a boy now! I love abortion.”