The following comes from a Feb. 1 email sent by the Helpers of God’s Precious Infants.

Planned Parenthood, First and Grape, downtown San Diego
This morning a woman arrived alone. The counselor offered her information, and showed her a baby model and indicated it represented 10-12 weeks.  She was surprised and said she didn’t know if she was pregnant and was there to find out.  The counselor gave her the baby model to take with her.  A little while later she came out, and the counselor asked her what she found out.  She said “I’m pregnant,” was clearly not happy about it and walked away.  A while later, she came back talking on her cell phone.  The counselor tried to talk to her, but she waved him off.

She came out a few minutes later and explained in an apologetic tone that she was tired and cranky.  The counselor said we were only there to help people, not to judge them. He explained about the Lamb of God maternity home and open adoption. She said she was open to that idea, and he gave her the pamphlets. She was trying to process the fact that she was pregnant and didn’t want to talk anymore.  Then she thanked the counselor and left.

A little later a different couple walked in, and they ignored the counselor as he offered them information. About 15 minutes later, the man walked out and asked the counselor for the information he was handing out.  The man explained that she was conflicted about the abortion and that he wanted to keep the child.  The counselor gave him all the information and gave him a baby model. They talked for several minutes.  He then went back inside.  He came out a little later and gave the counselor back the baby model and said that she is getting everything “checked out” and they are still thinking about it. The man left the impression that he was leaving it up to her.  He didn’t want to talk anymore about it.  Please pray for this couple.

Family Planning Associates, Miramar Road, San Diego
One of the counselors approached two women going up the steps to FPA.  One of the women seemed to be in a hurry and ran up the steps.  Her friend, however, was cordial to the counselor and accepted the information about the medical record of the doctor.  The counselor told the woman to open their hearts.  She ran ahead to catch up with her friend, and they went in.  Very soon after, her friend left, leaving the woman at FPA.

A few minutes later in the opposite direction a man pulled up and went into FPA.   The woman came out with the man and stood on the balcony.  She had paperwork in her hands.  They began talking and the man got behind her and directed her to the elevator.  They walked a short distance from FPA and stopped.  He hugged her and again got behind her and led her to the elevator.  It was apparent he did not want her there.  They came down and left.  The woman did not want to talk with the counselor and appeared upset.

Soon after a car pulled in with Mexican license plates.  They looked up at FPA and drove past it.  They eventually came around and pulled into the lot.  They parked for a short time and eventually left.  As they pulled out they directly faced the full-size image of Our Lady of Guadalupe that we have attached to a tree above the prayer warriors

One of the counselors remained in the parking lot late in the morning after the others had left.  A car pulled into the lot with a man, woman, and young girl.  They pointed up at FPA.  They parked their car and sat there for some time, and they too eventually left.