Bishop Ramon Bejarano will be joining us for the 16th annual Pro-Life
Stations of the Cross. As noted in a previous email, this year we will be doing the Pro-Life Stations of the Cross in front of Planned Parenthood at First and Grape, downtown San Diego. This falls under First Amendment activities, and no permits are required. We will not be processing there from St. Joseph Cathedral, and we will not be going to the Federal Building.
You are invited to participate by meeting in front of Planned Parenthood no later than 12:00 noon. The event should conclude by 1:00.  We will most likely line both sides of First Avenue in front of Planned Parenthood. Please stay on the public sidewalks and do not block any driveways, building entries, or go onto any private property. We cannot block people from accessing or entering Planned Parenthood, so please keep this in mind when you gather. Most of the street parking is metered. Allow for time to find parking and walk.
We will have the stations, signs, prayer books, and walkie-talkies as usual, but due to limited space and the fact that we are not doing a procession, we won’t have all of the banners, images, etc.
As there may be a large number of participants, we ask that you bring a mask as a courtesy to others as social distancing may not be possible.
We hope to continue next year with the full procession from St. Joseph Cathedral downtown to the Federal building as we had done for many years. For now, we will do what we can. Please consider this opportunity to stand up for the unborn as we commemorate the passion and death of Our Lord on Good Friday, April 2, 2021.