Below is from the Family Research Council and the California Family Council:

California State Senator Wiener and the ACLU want to legalize sex work in California, and they are working towards that goal by trying to pass SB 357, which would repeal loitering laws related to prostitution, even for those who are purchasing or selling sex.


Senate Bill 357 does not protect those who are at greater risk for sexual exploitation, but instead, allows sex buyers and pimps to operate with impunity. This bill will simply increase the demand for sex trafficking, causing further harm to the victims and all citizens of California.

The California Family Council has been working to organize opposition against SB 357, a bill to legalize loitering for the purpose of prostitution: streetwalking. One of the experts helping us in that fight is Dr. Stephany Powell, the Director of Law Enforcement Training and Survivor Services with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, a 30-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department.

She recently did an interview with radio host Don Dix, with AM 590, explaining how SB 357 cripples law enforcement’s ability to stop sex trafficking happening right out in the open. 

“[SB 357] also repeals law enforcement’s ability to make contact by arrest or by citing sex buyers, who would be loitering for the purposes of prostitution,” Powell said. 

“We need you to call your own assemblymember. People need to know that we do not need this not only in marginalized communities but in any community in California,” Powell urges.

The goal of the bill “is to pave the way to full decriminalization of prostitution,” she explained.

If you oppose legalizing prostitution, please contact your State Senator urging him or her to vote no on Senate Bill 357.  Then, contact your representative in the State Assembly, in the event this bill passes the State Senate. 

If you’re not sure how to reach your State representatives, here’s a link:

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