The U.S. Department of State is once again including a section on “reproductive rights” in its annual reports tracking the human rights records of other countries’. On November 4, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced that the 2020 reports, released earlier this year, have been updated with the new section.

The “reproductive rights” section in the reports was first included under former President Barack Obama, then removed by former President Donald Trump’s administration, provoking outrage among abortion activists, who called on current President Joe Biden to restore it. When the 2020 reports were published in March, Blinken promised the missing section would be provided as an addendum at a later date, and that it would be included in future years’ reports.

For abortion groups, using the State Department’s considerable influence to advance their agenda has been a high priority. Pro-abortion members of Congress have proposed legislation that would mandate the inclusion of the “reproductive rights” section, with explicit instructions to report “whether such country has adopted and enforced policies. . .to expand or restrict access to safe abortion services….”

The above comes from a report dated Nov. 12 by C-Fam.