The following comes from a December 19 LifeSiteNews article by Lisa Bourne:

An employee of a climate change non-profit associated with the U.S. Bishops has resigned after publicly advocating that opposition to the disputed notion of climate change is as important as the sanctity of human life while also apparently supporting other issues that contravene Catholic teaching.

Sarah Spengeman, director of programs for Catholic Climate Covenant (CCC), made comments equating the fight against “climate change” with the pro-life cause in a December 3 San Diego Union-Tribune article. The newspaper reported that some Catholic leaders are advancing the idea that “climate change” is on the same priority level as abortion or other life issues.

“It’s clear that climate change is a pro-life issue,” Spengeman stated. “People are being killed by climate change already, so it’s very core to our beliefs.”

“If we want to leave our children an inhabitable earth, if we have a responsibility to the unborn, we have a responsibility to act on climate,” she added.

Her comments generated some media attention after the Union-Tribune story was published and then again with a December 12 report released by the Lepanto Institute further detailing that Spengeman publicly supports the pro-abortion cause and marriage redefinition, including lending her name to legal documents.

Spengeman’s biography is no longer available on the CCC website, nor does she appear on its staff page.

While LifeSiteNews did not receive a response from CCC on Spengeman’s status with the group, in a comment on ChurchMilitant, she said she was forced to resign.

The Lepanto Institute report showed that Spengeman is a member of the EMILY’s List LinkedIn group, a social media group that specifically advocates for pro-abortion women to be elected to office.

She was also a signatory on an Amici Curiae brief submitted last year to the U.S. Supreme Court by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), endorsing same-sex “marriage” prior to the Court’s 2015 Obergefell decision.

The Lepanto report also detailed the “likes” on Spengeman’s Facebook profile for numerous pro-abortion politicians, pro-homosexual and women’s ordination organizations.